Giving through charitable gaming

Clubdraw Lottery

Kick-off your lottery with Clubdraw

From a local bowling team to a premier league football club; no matter the size, Clubdraw is the perfect way to raise funds and gain support through your club’s own supporter lottery.

Clubdraw is a £2 weekly lottery platform with 50% minimum guaranteed profit to your club, and prizes up to £25,000 on offer for your players. With no ongoing costs to the club and no administrative burden, you can grow your lottery from the ground up and start earning profit from your very first draw.

For clubs of all shapes and sizes

Clubdraw is designed to allow you to start a lottery from scratch. Set your own pace for promotion and recruitment; whether that be through a strategic launch and ongoing campaign, or on an organic basis.

A robust model

At least 50% from every entry played goes straight to your club; that’s at least £1 for every £2 ticket played. Administration and prize costs are covered by the remainder, so there are no ongoing costs to your club; just a reliable income stream from the moment you recruit your first player.

When people win, people play

Fantastic odds of a win for each prize promotes the feeling of “win belief” amongst your players, essential for your lottery’s ongoing promotion. Get your audience talking!

Be a part of the Clubdraw platform

  • Set up
    • One-off set-up fee £199.00
    • No ongoing operating costs
    • Your own lottery operated under your own lottery licence, powered by the Clubdraw platform
    • At least £1 profit from every £2 entry
    • £25,000 jackpot prize and smaller prizes of £1,000, £25 and £5
  • Launch
    • Offline and online entry channels
    • Your own lottery page on the Clubdraw website
    • Your players have access to call the Clubdraw Helpline
  • Promote
    • We take care of administration, so you can focus on promotion
    • Fixed odds mean that every player has an equal chance of winning a prize, no matter the lottery size
  • Monitor progress
    • Weekly data reporting so that you can track your lottery’s progress
    • Opportunity for bespoke options as entries increase

Your supporters, your lottery

When it comes to presenting your lottery, you may want your lottery to support your brand; or, you may want your supporters to understand that you’re part of something bigger. Either way, the control is in your hands. We’ve developed Clubdraw to be flexible to allow you to promote your lottery in the way that you feel your supporters will connect with.

It's your data

All data captured for your lottery is owned by you. We act as data processors only, and regularly export the data to you securely.


Players love prizes!

All players have an equal chance of winning up to £25,000

The Clubdraw jackpot is a whopping £25,000. Clubdraw is based on a number match; so no matter which cause they’re supporting, every player has an equal chance of winning a prize.

Like what you see?

Ask us about starting a lottery using the Clubdraw platform today.

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