Giving through charitable gaming

Top tips in two minutes: How can you make your prize fund work harder?

Supporters play your lottery to support your cause, and for the chance to win prizes too!

How can you maximise your prize incentive?

  • Design a prize banner - show off your abundant range of prizes

Using leave-behind leaflets and landing pages in your face-to-face campaign

A leave-behind leaflet with further information about your lottery and an agency or canvasser specific sourcecode leading to a campaign landing page is a great way to convert potential players who don’

Responding to “How can you afford to give £X away every week?”

Prize-led fundraising such as running a lottery can create the impression that the charity is wealthy enough to be giving money away, rather than using this for the charity’s cause, or that the

How can you use ‘collectivism’ to give your prize-led fundraising the edge?

Messaging around progression and collectivism is proven to engage audiences.

Collectivism is very effective in lottery fundraising. It creates the sense of a movement, being part of something bigger,

Is your lottery website working hard enough to promote your prize-led fundraising?

“Combat compassion fatigue by using a prize-led narrative; this is the antidote to waning altruism.”

We’re hearing from some clients that it’s getting harder to attract new players with a softer,

ASA Ruling

We'd like to draw your attention to an ASA ruling published today (20th September 2023), because it presents a good example of the ASA's view on society lottery advertisements. This is particularly

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