Giving through charitable gaming

How can you use ‘collectivism’ to give your prize-led fundraising the edge?

Messaging around progression and collectivism is proven to engage audiences.

Collectivism is very effective in lottery fundraising. It creates the sense of a movement, being part of something bigger, making a difference to a cause alongside like-minded people. It also touches on peer pressure, by demonstrating how many other people are doing their bit, encouraging the individual to follow their example.

An example of this would be Marie Curie’s Good Ways To Win: “You help to raise 312 shifts of care every week. Every ticket makes a difference!”

We champion the use of collectivism when helping causes to promote their lottery – it is important to outline and highlight the impact that the lottery has overall, to show how being part of a larger group of supporters has the power to make big changes for that cause.

By illustrating how the collective proceeds that you receives from your lottery is actively helping your charity, this will inspire prospective supporters to become players.

Discussing how the lottery positively enhances the lives of players and patients also promotes the idea of the ‘collective win’; the charity/patients and the player both benefit. You could extend this to prize-led messaging too, letting your players know how many prizes you give out every year, or how many jackpot winners you’ve created since you launched.

You might test this in your next digital campaign to describe the overall impact of your lottery in a real-terms, inspiring way!

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