Giving through charitable gaming

Is your lottery website working hard enough to promote your prize-led fundraising?

“Combat compassion fatigue by using a prize-led narrative; this is the antidote to waning altruism.”

We’re hearing from some clients that it’s getting harder to attract new players with a softer, more cause-led approach. So it’s really important to promote what makes your lottery, well, a lottery – and that is the prizes!

To appeal to your target lottery audience, we advise adding additional prize information and winners' stories on your website to give your lottery brand a stronger pull. Using a winner’s story section encourages the supporter to imagine how they would benefit from prize money themselves i.e. family holidays, new car etc.

How many prizes are up for grabs? What’s the total sum given away every week? How many winners are there every year? How many since your lottery launched?

Providing winner’s stories alongside how lottery players’ money helps your charity can break the barriers to engagement for each target group and provide compelling reasons to join your lottery. What’s in it for them? Remember, a lottery proposition is a value exchange – are you making the value of playing clear?

The prize element is your lottery’s key feature – what defines your lottery – so don’t neglect to shout about it. And we can’t emphasise enough the importance of making your prizes real and tangible – show potential players that your prizes do get won!

However bear in mind: The ASA ruling (20th Sep 2023) states that lottery advertisements should not suggest that participating in a lottery could be a solution to financial concerns for players. The benefits for the player should be advertised carefully and strategically; benefits other than financial relief should be promoted. Holidays, cars, house renovations, and other life enhancements rather than necessities, bills, paying off debts, etc.

Stay tuned for ideas on how to use the idea of ‘collectivism’ to your advantage (i.e. giving totals on how many winners your lottery has created, or how much money in total its raised) plus our advice on answering concerns around how your charity can afford to ‘just give money away’…

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