Giving through charitable gaming

Top tips in two minutes: How can you make your prize fund work harder?

Supporters play your lottery to support your cause, and for the chance to win prizes too!

How can you maximise your prize incentive?

  • Design a prize banner - show off your abundant range of prizes
  • Chances to win - let players know there are X chances to win
  • Total prize fund - what's the total of the prizes on offer?

(Remember, volume of prizes generally outperforms value of prizes!)

Show off your winners

We know winners stories can be hard to come by. If you're struggling, simply stating you've had winners helps! You can maintain anonymity and still create statements with impact.

And if you're looking to really rev your prize incentive up to the max, you might consider an overhaul of your prize fund on offer. Our clients benefit from our advice and prize fund design experience, so if you're looking to make some changes just get in touch with your Relationship Manager!

If you're not a client or don't have a lottery, why not find out what we could offer? Just click the link and our team will be happy to help:

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