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Top tips in two minutes: What elements work on a lottery website?

Supporters who land on your lottery website are interested in supporting your cause by playing.

How can you ensure you convert them?

  • Maximise the prize incentive - include an attractive prize banner which focuses on your key incentives - the jackpot prize, the volume of prizes and total value
  • Create some urgency - add a countdown timer to the next draw, talk about upcoming Superdraws - this makes your lottery look dynamic and happening.
  • Make it easy for supporters to act quickly - cover your site in PLAY NOW buttons - for example, if you include a case study to persuade people to play, put a PLAY NOW button at the end of it, don't make them hunt down the signup button.
  • Build a narrative - think about what your supporters saw to get them to your site, and how to carry on that thread. Used a case study on your leaflets? Reference it, or build on it, on your lottery website.
  • Use collectivism - tell your supporters about the collective power of your lottery and the huge impact it has.

If this has got you thinking about how your website could work harder to convert potential players and you're a Sterling client you can always speak to your Account Manager for ideas!

If you're not a client or don't have a lottery, why not find out what we could offer? Just click the link and our team will be happy to help.

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